My name is Meghan Vadeboncoeur, and I am a nerd.

And while I have spent many a day uncovering new worlds on a computer screen and adventuring through the pages of a book, my passion to spark that kind of interest in others rises above all.

Whether it be through art, writing, or the willingness to help when needed, I strive to bring my unique twist to everything I do.

This website is a sample of my recent excursions into media and design. Partly my professional work, as well as my hobby work. You will find Graphic Design projects I've done for a local business, Digital Art I've done for friends and strangers, And 3D printing I've done mostly for myself.

You will find my work on outside sites below, as well as my contact information. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have an idea for a project, or if you have questions!